Wealth Management

As a full service advisor, all clients receive customized investment and planning solutions. These customized solutions take their form in three primary areas: Investment Advising, Advanced Financial Planning and Relationship Management.

Investment Advising    
The investment advising service usually begins with an analysis of a client’s current (pre-Perspective Wealth) investment portfolio to identify strengths, weaknesses, and recommended areas of improvement – especially in the areas of risk, return, asset allocation, and cost structure. Next, a tailored portfolio matching client risk tolerance, return expectations, and time horizon is developed and documented in the form of a written Investment Policy Statement (IPS). After agreement on the IPS, the portfolio is then implemented.

Following implementation, the investment portfolio is monitored and rebalanced as necessary. At the same time, we continuously evaluate new investments and investing strategies for suitability and use within the investment portfolio. 

An investment performance review is delivered quarterly to each client. The review covers performance against financial plan goals, and performance of individual investments against their target benchmarks. 

Advanced Financial Planning    
Clients have a lot more at stake than just their investment portfolio. Advanced financial planning covers the numerous and broad areas clients will undoubtedly face at one time or another. These areas most often encompass:

  • core financial planning (retirement and education funding goals)

  • wealth preservation (tax minimizing strategies)

  • wealth protection (asset protection and life insurance needs)

  • wealth transfer (estate structure and charitable or family gifting desires)

Relationship Management   
We strive to give our clients back precious time in their already busy lives. As such, the advanced planning areas will undoubtedly require the use of specialists such as a CPA, an estate planning attorney or an insurance agent from time to time. We save you time by coordinating many of the actions with your team of specialists, drawing you in when appropriate.