401(k) and Pension Plan Assets

We’re frequently told by our clients that building and managing an integrated portfolio encompassing all assets across all locations is one of the greatest values we provide. By building an integrated portfolio we are able to tax-optimize the portfolio using tax-deferred asset locations (IRA, 401(k) plans) to hold important, but least tax-efficient investments like REITs and fixed income investments. Simply put, for the investor, an integrated portfolio results in higher after-tax returns.

We’re also told by our clients that the pension planning services we provide as a part of the financial planning process are invaluable. Many clients who have future pension plan payouts from a current or former employer are frequently confused by the different payment alternatives they must choose from. Furthermore they aren’t sure which choice is best for their situation. Perspective Wealth uses modeling software that enables a client to view the alternative scenarios associated with choosing different beginning payment dates, survivor benefits, lump sum payouts, rates of return, etc. We take the guesswork out of the decision and create a fact-based analysis that allows a client to make the best choice that aligns with their financial plan.