Core Beliefs

The investment industry innovates just like any other industry. Thirty years ago, mutual funds were barely in existence. Ten years ago, exchange traded funds were barely heard of. Perspective Wealth maintains a set of enduring beliefs that both embrace the innovation and stand the test of time.

We have built Perspective Wealth Partners on the following core beliefs:

Continuous Learning is Mandatory
We stand for continuos learning. We are committed to keeping our knowledge base up-to-date and deeply understanding the fact-base that shapes the best investing strategies and most appropriate investments. While we are not a CPA or an estate attorney, we pledge to stay current on actions in areas that can impact your risk and after-tax return.

Risk and Return are Related
Risk and return are related.  We firmly believe that investors should be compensated in the form of return for the risk they take.  We strive to eliminate portfolio risk that does not correlate with long term return.  Examples are security speculation and market timing. 

Portfolio Structure is Supremely Important
Throughout time academic research continues to show that the most important determinant of a portfolio's risk and return profile is asset allocation. We therefore rigorously focus on asset allocation as it relates to the structure of a portfolio.

Cost Matter
Investment costs play a big role in the net return of an investor's portfolio. We are obsessive about reducing the overall cost of a portfolio to the absolute minimum level. 

After-Tax Returns are the Focus
After-tax returns fund retirement.  We focus on structuring your investment portfolio to be as tax-efficient as possible.