Why Perspective Wealth Partners

Broad Approach

Our integrated approach across investment advising and financial planning strives to align your financial plan with your investment portfolio. When you work with Perspective, no assets are left out of the conversation. 

Best-in-Class Strategy
Perspective Wealth focuses on investing, not speculating. Academic research clearly demonstrates that, over the long run, a disciplined strategy focused on asset allocation and structured index-investing outperforms a speculative strategy focused on security selection and marketing timing.

Disciplined Process
We systematically monitor your investment portfolio and we take necessary actions to rebalance, tax-loss harvest, and evaluate new investments. We update your financial plan as often as you wish. 

Conflict-Free Fee Structure
Our service model is built on a fiduciary obligation to our clients. Our fee structure is based on a percentage of assets under management. We charge no commissions, sell no products, and accept no compensation from anyone other than the client.

High-Touch Service
We serve clients deeply and thoroughly. We communicate with our clients as often as they wish, 20 – 30 times a year on average. Typical conversations are much broader than the investment portfolio and encompass financial plan events, mortgage refinancing, new 401(k) plan alternatives, job transitions, insurance needs, education funding, etc. If it’s financially related, we’re consulted.